The Ultimate Guide to Selling Pics and Making Money Online

Online Selling Photos

Photographers of varying skill levels are very popular for their work, which is now more than ever. From large companies and small and medium businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers regularly buy and use photos online. This guide will share the 12 best places to selling pics and get money for doing what you love.

How to sell photos online and get money?

The best way to sell images online is to sell them as stock photos at agencies like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock or as printing on their websites. Selling your photo prints on your website is the most profitable way to get money online as a photographer.

The easiest way to start selling your photos immediately is to upload them to one of the best stock photo sites. All you need to do is register for contribute programs and upload certain photos. Make sure you choose your best work because you don’t get accepted or rely on the first photo you upload. After a few days, you will get the decision information; And be a contributor.

Is Image Quality required?

However, all images still need to go through quality checks. Agent’s photo stock works by a contributor, also known as a “stock photographer”, who uploads their photos. Then, customers, such as businesses, blog and website owners, and designers, buy the right to use your photos. Depending on the type of license and purchase method, you and the photo stock institution split the profit. However, most photo stock institutions leave you with the nut and the lion’s share. So, to get a lot of money online, you have to upload a lot of images or create your website to sell photos. But more than that later.

How much can you get by selling Pics ?

On average, you can get $0.40 for each download. You’ll get between $0.10 and $10 for each royalty-free download and between $10 and $100 for each extended license download. How much you can get by selling stock photos depends on how many stock photos you upload and which website you upload. The best stock photographers generate several thousand dollars from their best stock photos. In addition, it allows them to earn a full-time income simply by selling photos online.

How To Sell Pics and Make Money Online In 2022 Guide:

Your Website:

Of course, some work needs to be done for this, but if you are prepared to take the time to build your first website, it will be in vain. And it’s quite easy to do. Check out the easy guide on how to build a photography website on WordPress.


In my opinion, Shutterstock is the best and best stock photo site to sell photos online. The truth is Shutterrock sells most stock photos. Duration. Therefore, it is the main source of income for many contributors.

However, Shutterstock has reduced earnings by 30-50% with a new income model. You can produce between 15% and 40% for each download. Your income depends on the level of your contributor, which is directly related to the number of images licensed. For example, to get 40% for every download, you would have to get over 25,000 downloads. Although it sounds almost impossible, Shutterstock has made it worse by rearranging your progress with the start of each calendar year. As a result, each Shutterfly contributor starts at 15% each year. You’ll get around $0.25 and $0.50 for each royalty-free download.

Adobe Stock:

Adobe’s Stock Contributor is one of the largest stock photo providers. Remember that many Adobe Stock customers are graphic designers who use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere.

Your income in Adobe Stock depends on how the customer accesses your image. As a result, when downloaded with a larger subscription plan, earnings range from $0.33/image to $3.30 when downloaded with a credit package. If the customer licenses your image under an extended license, you will get up to $26.40. Most profitable video. By selling 4K videos, you will get between $56-$70.

Adobe Stock also runs a bonus program for active and successful contributors, giving you access to various creative cloud applications.

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Other stock photo agents set the price of your image and then charge about 80% of your income. In contrast, Picfair allows you to set the price of your photo and receive 100% of your income. So, guard your portfolio website like Pickfair, but you get more sales.

However, there is a handle. The free Pickfair account only allows 50 uploads in total. In addition, anyone who buys a photo will have to pay a 20% fee. Thus, customers will download your image. If you want all the Picfair features and maximize your chances of selling photos, you need Picfair Plus ($5.99/month, $89.90/year). This way, you will get 100% commission, upload images without limit, and load more.


The Dreamstime Contributor Program pays between 25% and 60% of the commission. As a special contributor, you get an additional 10%. However, you will need at least 50 approved images to have one.

Because Dreamstime sells the cheapest stock image, it has many customers and traffic. Thus, you are likely to make a lot of sales quickly. In addition, Dreamstime sells the cheapest extended licenses that can add up to a significant portion of your total income.

Besides selling photos online, there are four more ways to get money on Dreamstime. You can refer customers and receive 10% of their spending, participate in draw time assignments, be the lucky winner of 10 million historical milestones, or win blog contests

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